Busted! Don’t Believe These Filmmaking Myths!

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Filmmaking is a kind of a mysterious world filled with storytelling and wonder, and this makes it the perfect breeding ground for myths. The problem with myths about filmmaking is that they could potentially have a negative impact on aspiring creatives entering the field as well as those seeking filmmaking services. If you’re a beginner filmmaker or considering professional videography services to help you steer clear of costly misconceptions, OSV Studios has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about filmmaking.

Myth 1: You can handle it alone
A common myth in the filmmaking industry is that you can do it alone. Filmmaking takes a team of people, not just one individual. This myth exists because many people want to be independent of others, do everything on their own, and cut costs. But, you need a reliable team of people that have different talents. As a customer, you may believe this myth because our company may not have the largest amount of employees. But if we need an extra set of hands to help on set, we can hire a freelancer.

Myth 2: You can always fix things in post-production
Another myth in the filmmaking industry is that you can fix it in post-production. This is actually false. When the media is given to the editor, they can only do so much to fix whatever they can in the media. We believe this myth still exists because the power of digital cameras and editing software gives a lot of flexibility. However, making sure you have a good shot set up from the start and good sound is always the way to go. You need to fix problems as they come up. While many believe this myth because of the technical capabilities we have in our editing programs. Our business disproves this by making sure the problem is fixed right away during the filming stage.

Myth 3: It doesn’t take long to be on a film set
As a customer, you may be unaware of how long the filmmaking process actually takes from start to finish. As a result, you may believe that it doesn’t take long to be on a film set. But in reality, it takes a lot of time to set up the lights and make sure we have the proper gear set for the shoot. We do not usually set up in front of you, the client. You can walk in before we start the actual shooting. To determine how long we will be on set, you need to ask questions like, how long is the filmmaking process going to take? And be more attentive to our emails to make sure that we, as the filmmakers, are getting you the footage you want. 

Myth 4: You have to have a degree to be a filmmaker
This myth exists because it is usually common knowledge that you should go to college and further your education. But for filmmaking, you learn more just by having the experience. A lot of the techniques taught in film school are more based on theory than on the actual filmmaking role. Youtube is also a great source to learn anything about filmmaking. As a customer, you may believe this myth because, for many professions, you have to have a college degree. But in this profession, we learn more on the job than from sitting in a college class. College is filled with a variety of classes to make you more well-rounded, but some of them don’t particularly helpful in terms of the everyday filmmaking job. We disprove this myth by hiring people who have degrees and don’t have degrees. There is no prejudice against it.

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