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If your business sells a product or service that can be explained and promoted using video, you need to ensure you are making the most out of it as it’s an incredible marketing platform. However, it is possible that you probably aren’t using it to its fullest right now. This is because many businesses shy away from creating video content because it has a reputation for being expensive to produce.

The reality is that producing great video content can be surprisingly cheap! The benefits that video content marketing can bring is just one reason why investing in professional videos is essential for success. As experts in the field, we at OSV Studios have written down a few steps that explain how you can make a video on a budget. 

Creating a video on your own is an accomplishment in itself. If you have a smartphone that has video capability, you can create a video right now. With technology in smart cameras innovating rapidly, anyone can easily get a great image from a smartphone.

Now it is time to start with an idea you have. Then, set who you want your target audiences to be for the video. Ask yourself questions like, What’s the purpose behind the video? What do I want the viewer to get out of the video? Where is this video going when it is done (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

Pre-production stage
Planning ahead will save you lots of time and money. Start by writing a script for your idea. I would suggest writing in a free software called Celtx. Generally, when writing a script, the rule of thumb is that a page translates to a minute of video footage. After you have your script, you can start with the pre-production paperwork.

Make a shotlist. A shotlist is all the shots you want to film on your shoot day. Your shotlist will keep you focused and organized during your shoot. I would suggest organizing your shot list by scenes. Make columns in a document that have the shot number, shot type, and then a note/description box. After you have a shotlist, make a list of the locations you want to shoot at, the crew you’ll need, gear, props, and costumes. Contact your crew and see everyone’s schedule for the shoot. The last sheet you’ll need to make is a call sheet.

A call sheet is a schedule of when you are going to shoot everything. Write in the time, location, and scene number. At the end of the call sheet, write down everyone’s name, email, and phone number just in case other crew members need to talk to each other. Remember to also put the addresses for the locations, so no one gets lost.

Production stage
Production days are the days you choose to shoot your video. Once you have everything in place, you can shoot your video. Use the highest quality equipment that is available to you to shoot this video. If you have dialogue, use a separate audio device to record their sound.

Audio is just as important as the quality of your video, and if your audio is bad, people will not watch it. So just keep that in mind. If things are not going your way on your shoot days, keep in mind that there are days, even on the professional set, when things don’t go to plan. What matters is how you adapt to the change to make sure your video comes out great.

Post-production stage
You can edit videos for free on your phone or even on your computer using softwares like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and even a professional software called DaVinci Resolve. You can find professional editors using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Davinci Resolve (paid version).

After you are done editing, make sure you are exporting your video the right way for each platform you want it on.

Final stage
Show your friends and family the video you made. Get their honest opinions and listen to them. Make changes based on their feedback and then show them again. Keep in mind that even professional video editors have to keep tweaking their videos to make them right. Don’t get offended when they are offering their constructive criticism over your video.

Don’t focus on spending all your money on the exact right location. Locations can be pricey. Spend most of your budget on hiring a crew that is going to get you an amazing video at the end. Your crew is vitally important in making sure things run smoothly. Finally, share your video on the platform you intended to show it on. Get lots of feedback from your target audience and enjoy your accomplishment. The best advice I can give is that don’t be discouraged if the project is not going the right way. Turn the negatives into positives and finish what you started. 

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