How COVID-19 Has Impacted Us

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Through the pandemic, many changes were taking place, and filming was becoming quite challenging because, for the most part, it was done in person. However, with the increasing restrictions, it was getting easier, and we were fortunate that there were aspects of production that we could handle remotely, and we were working on those.

The changes and the lack of meeting people in person were quite challenging to get through. We had to make sure we followed all the protocols to keep everyone safe. We are unsure of the future, but at the moment, the markets seem to be opening up, which makes everything quite bearable. There were aspects during the lockdown where work slowed to a halt, and we were unsure about getting it over the line. COVID has a big impact on our business and the video production industry as a whole. In the next six months, I can foresee more living streaming services happening along with also filming the event live. This way more people can see the event without being in danger of getting COVID. If COVID worsens, video productions can slow down, and if it gets better, we believe that productions will become more frequent.

We were finding it challenging to schedule shoots because the restrictions were raised and brought down based on the authorities, and there was nothing that we could do about it. We had to cancel a lot of video shoots all the time due to concerns over COVID. Our Staff at OSV Studios is fully vaccinated and boosted. We want to ensure the health of everyone who comes into the studio. Additionally, we encourage people to maintain distance whenever possible so that everyone is safe.

There were many changes we had to make to our modes of communication. We were now coordinating remotely for the most part. We could no longer meet a client in person because many of them were not open to it. We did not want to make people uncomfortable and would follow the rules and all that they were comfortable with when it came to meeting them.-

Although most companies were getting their people to work remotely, we got most of our work done from the office. It is difficult to work remotely for video production services and media transfer services. Remote working was an option, and there are many aspects of remote working that we can coordinate online and get the job done. However, for the most part, we found that we were a lot more efficient and could coordinate and co-relate and get a lot more done when we worked together. Additionally, being vaccinated made the process a lot easier.

Our company is not too large, so we don’t have restrictions. However, we do make the staff we work with follow the rules laid down, so everyone is safe. The precautions I take are always wearing a mask in public spaces and when I interact with clients. I clean the office space regularly to ensure the health of everyone who comes in. We have protocols so everything is sanitized and all common areas like the lobby, properly cleaned.

While there was so much changing all the time, we made sure that we were working within the same working hours. We did not want to slack on the work we were doing or for our clients to have a hard time getting in touch with us. 

We are open to meeting with our clients face to face at our studio or over a video or regular call. We would also meet with clients and travel to meet them depending on their requirements. However, we make sure that our clients are open to the same. One of the challenges that we were facing is that all our clients are not open to meeting in person, and we had to make sure that we did not come across as overbearing. We like adjusting to all the changes our clients have in mind. If we have online and virtual calls, we prefer ‘Zoom’ for video conferences.

Living through a pandemic was not an easy task, but as a company, we want clients to feel safe walking into our facility. We would do anything for the betterment of our clients. 

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