Should You Invest In Cellphone Videos Or Professional Camera Videos?

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For decades, businesses and brands have depended on professional camera footage for their promotional content and visual keepsakes from celebrations and events. However, in recent years, the incredible advancements in smartphone technology have enabled every individual to possess a camera in their pocket. As cellphones continue to evolve, so do their camera features.

In fact, the kind of cameras you find on top phone models are so advanced that many people are currently debating whether they should invest in cellphone cameras or professional cameras to produce videos.

As video production experts, we have had the opportunity to try out several cameras, from professional and home devices to different smartphone cameras. In our opinion, cellphone technology is continuously outdoing itself. The cameras on cellphones today are better than they’ve ever been. As a result, some people believe that smartphone cameras can rival the quality and capabilities of a professional one.

When you look at the benefits of modern cellphone cameras, it’s evident that they are viable and legitimate devices for shooting video. That said, cellphones should not be used in any level of production. We say this because this is the actual purpose of professional cameras and equipment.

Sure, cellphones can produce HD video, and the quality and capability of cellphones is increasing at an exponential rate. It’s also becoming more difficult to distinguish between professional camera footage and cellphone footage (under specific circumstances). But, there are very different situations where one is better than the other. Moreover, the quality of video content really depends on the skills of the person operating each device. Cellphone cameras are great when there is a lot of light, when you don’t need different lenses, and when you don’t need speed and agility or a very quick shot. But compared to the real deal, they simply do not have the versatility that a professional-grade camera does.

On the other hand, saying that “professional cameras are the only option for shoots,” is inherently flawed. For one thing, it limits your view of evolving technologies. Not giving a small device any chance is a disservice to yourself and what is potentially possible. It can also be argued that a cellphone is actually much better under a select few circumstances. Of course, for nearly every interview, commercial shoot, product shoot, etc., a professional camera is best. The lenses you have access to and the control over the image can’t be rivaled. But, if there was a circumstance where a shot had to be captured in a very quick moment or all you had access to was your phone, it could potentially be blended into a project under some circumstances.

In some cases, you may think that money should not be spent on higher production value because of just how capable cellphones and other lower-level cameras are. But that is a shortsighted view. While phones can technically shoot HD video, they do not have the control you need to produce high-quality content in most situations. Not only that, it isn’t always about the gear when looking for a way to get your project shot. It is about who is behind the gear. With years of experience comes years of evolution in the technology of this field. Several years of experience also allows us to test different cameras and capture very specific images for the highest quality in our client’s projects. 

Similarly, even though cellphone technology has allowed nearly everyone access to shooting HD video and several other benefits, they have disadvantages as well. This makes cellphone cameras something like a double-edged sword. In many cases, it has diminished the quality of video content because as many think that cellphones are a viable alternative. At present, on many fronts, they cannot compare. Personally, we are excited to see smartphone technology leads, but currently, professional video is still by far the best option.

From a financial standpoint, it may appear that there is no need for studio productions because a $100 camera can “do the same thing.” But that is not the case. At least, not yet or in the foreseeable future. For now, professional video is still vastly superior. Even though cellphones are definitely catching up, they still have a long way to go, and professional cameras and productions are much better in nearly every way.

At OSV Studios, we are always on the cutting edge of technology, and once cellphones become a capable means of capturing content, we will know. In the meantime, you can trust us to produce the highest quality content with the best and most current gear available.

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